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Shruti Palaskar

Graduate Student
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA.

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I am interested in enabling machines to learn from multiple modalities of data like text, audio, video, semantics as humans naturally do.

Ongoing Research

  • Multimodal Video Understanding
    Exploring video summarization and understanding to identify differences and similarities in two similar videos. Generalizing abstractive summarization for open-domain videos using the How2 dataset.

  • End-to-End and Multimodal Speech Recognition
    Building robust direct acoustic-to-word models for audio-only and audio-visual data

Summer Internships

Past Projects

Undergrad Internships

During my undergrad, I was fortunate to work on computer vision problems with Dr. Hyunsung Park and Prof. Ramesh Raskar at the MIT Media Lab mentored REDX Innovation Labs, on machine translation with Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan at IIT Bombay and on recommender systems with Harshad Saykhedkar from a startup, Sokrati Technologies.